Get Involved


Volunteer With Feet for Fillings!

There are three ways to get involved with Feet for Fillings: hike, help, and give a smile!


Hike with Feet for Fillings, or go on your own hike and dedicate it to Feet for Fillings and our mission.  Either way, make sure to post pictures and a trip report on our Hiking Forum!


Help Feet for Fillings raise money, awareness, and grow through volunteering.  We are constantly looking for talented volunteers who can help with any number of tasks.  If you think you have a niche and want to volunteer please email Zack Thoutt at We are open to all ideas and possible positions. Some examples of volunteer positions that have been filled or need to be filled include, but are not limited to, website creation and maintenance, event coordinators, hiking leaders, fundraisers, social media managers, and dental procedure organizers.

Give a Smile!

Give a smile to someone by donating money and attending one of our events.  Helping people achieve a higher dental health standard is Feet for Fillings’ target end result, and donating is the most direct way to make a difference through Feet for Fillings.