About Us


Mission Statement

Improving the health of Coloradans through elevating dental care awareness, encouraging active, outdoor recreation, and providing financial assistance to those with dental care needs.

About Us:

Feet for Fillings?

Simply put, Feet for Fillings is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the overall health of the community. Donations go towards our Give a Smile Program, which provides individuals in need with dental care: hence the Fillings. We primarily raise awareness and funds through hiking, climbing, and outdoor events: hence the Feet.

Why Feet?

The Feet represents the steps taken to live a healthier life, the distance we travel while hiking to raise awareness, and the forward progress towards a healthier community!

Obesity and exercise deficiency are common health inadequacies around the nation; both posing serious health risks.  Being healthy, enjoying the outdoors, and a love for helping others are qualities everyone involved with Feet for Fillings shares.  Our love for hiking and exercising first sparked the idea of Feet for Fillings, and our persistent fight for a healthy change in the lives of our neighbors fuels the fire.  We want more people to help their fellow humans, more people to lead healthier lives, and more people to enjoy the great outdoors!

Why Fillings?

Our main goal is to significantly reduce the number of people that must live with a persistent, painful toothache, due to their financial situation.  Not only can a toothache make you irritable, less productive, and cause pain when eating; gum and tooth disease has also been linked to several serious health risks; including cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. Please Visit the Daunting Dental Facts page for more info.


Awareness Program:

The Awareness Program helps Feet for Fillings spread its mission, educate people on our communities’ dental care concerns, and ultimately raise funds now and in the future for our cause.  Help the Awareness Program by hiking with us, telling your friends about us, attending our events, dedicating your hike to Feet for Fillings, and posting your hiking trip reports on our forum.

Give a Smile Program:

The Give a Smile Program provides individuals in need with dental care.  Under this program Feet for Fillings partners with generous dentists who donate their time and facilities to our cause in exchange for compensation for the laboratory and material costs associated with filling a cavity, crowning a tooth, or some other dental procedure they might provide. Help by donating or getting people to sponsor your hikes on behalf of Feet for Fillings.

Tax Exemption:

501(c)3 Status:

While Feet for Fillings is a registered non-profit with the state of Colorado, it has not received its tax exempt 501(c)3 status.  Application was sent in early June 2013, and we are still waiting to hear the verdict.